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As a true reflection of its beautiful Mauritius, Southern Cross Hotels is a hotel group that treasures and leverages diversity. From the landscapes to the experiences, the flavours and people, you will find nothing alike across our four hotels except our smiles and our passion to serve you.

No matter which hotel you choose, you will be delighted by our hospitality and warmth, our excellent service and the generosity of our dedicated teams. You will be seduced by our Mauritian friendliness and charmed by the beauty of a place that inspires serenity, you will be amazed by the calm and happiness you will experience during your stay. Feeling at home, you will want to come back to live new adventures, make other encounters and share more memories.

We offer the best of Mauritius in unique holiday settings, with a selection of diverse hotels and a wide range of tailor-made experiences. Whether for a family holiday or romantic getaway in front of the turquoise lagoon, or an immersion at the heart of nature in the wild South of Mauritius with its breath-taking views, your stay at Southern Cross Hotels will sure be a memorable one!





On a peninsula in the South-East of Mauritius, between the historic village of Mahébourg and the Blue Bay Marine Park, sits Preskil Island Resort, superior 4-star family hotel. While your kids (from 3 to 12) take part in a selection of educational and recreational activities at the Tikoulou Kids Club, relax by the sumptuous infinity pool and enjoy the beauty of this place full of charm, finesse and elegance.

With its spectacular views of the islands of the South-East of Mauritius, including l’île aux Aigrettes or l’île au Phare, and the impressive Lion mountain, Preskil Island Resort offers a convivial atmosphere and some authentic islander experiences.

Only a few minutes away from the national airport, Preskil Island Resort is the ideal destination for visitors from all four corners of the world, coming to stay in Mauritius. A calm yet vibrant place, where you’ll easily feel at home.
















Exclusive adults only 4-star hotel, Solana Beach Mauritius offers a unique view of the enchanting turquoise lagoon of Belle Mare, in the East of Mauritius. With its wide range of activities for adults, including a selection of exclusive couples’ experiences, the hotel guarantees a peaceful stay in a Hippy Chic atmosphere, at the heart of an idyllic setting.

Enjoy a relaxing visit to the secluded and unspoilt East coast of Mauritius, while our team of talented professionals takes care to meet your every need

Driven by the desire to share its values and provide its visitors with a one-of-the-kind experience during their stay in Mauritius, Solana Beach Mauritius promises a series of unforgettable moments as a couple. Happiness at your fingertips.









Located a few kilometres away from the national airport, Astroea Beach is a charming 3-star boutique hotel, where reign calm and serenity. A dream destination at the heart of Mauritius’ South-Eastern region, with direct access to a beautiful white sandy beach and view on Pointe d’Esny’s turquoise lagoon, stretching as far as the eye can see.

Astroea Beach invites guests in a unique haven of peace that’s ideal for honeymooners; a place where they can admire a spectacular landscape and enjoy the riches of its surroundings, including a visit to the historic village of Mahébourg or the Blue Bay Marine Park nearby.

Perfect place to escape reality and recharge your batteries while enjoying a stay under the hot Mauritian sun, Astroea Beach guarantees excellent customer experience for an unforgettable tropical getaway. A bewitching escapade full of surprises awaits…


Nestled on the Southern coast of Mauritius, emerging from an exceptional panorama between the Indian Ocean and lush greenery, Andrea Lodges is a unique destination appealing to both adventurers and nature lovers.

With its wide range of nature activities, Andrea Lodges invites guests to enjoy a relaxing experience at the heart of the Southern region’s enchanting setting, a place preserved from the artifices of the modern world and appreciated for its elegance and simplicity.

Let yourself be rocked by the distant roar of the waves and the feel of the gentle morning breeze on your skin, and enjoy the authenticity of the Southern region of Mauritius. You’re in for a real treat!

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