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The very first private island resort in the Maldives. Kurumba draws on its proud history, charismatic character and heartfelt service, to offer compelling and diverse experiences amid a stunning island setting. Just 10 minutes by speedboat from the airport and Malé

The ripple of the waves as you speed across the ocean. The bustle of Malé fades to a whisper. Anticipation builds. Your heart pounds faster. The island appears. Green everywhere. Brilliant white beaches. Dazzling blue. Laughter in the air. Children frolic, honeymooners lie peacefully together. There is space for everyone. You feel the smiles before you see them. Reassuringly familiar, like an old friend. Yet around each corner come unexpected thrills. Glints of playful fish that race through the waters. Enticing aromas and culinary adventures. Stories of the early days. Enjoying the company of others or the bliss of pure solitude. Completely yourself, fully at ease. Everything is here. Nothing far away. The place where it all began. The first, the pioneer. This is Kurumba. Maldives in full colour.

Follow the pathways through lush foliage. An island with plentiful beachfront views, ease of access to every destination, vast private space. Secluded sanctuaries, steps from the shoreline. Rich woods and high ceilings. Earthy hues with a touch of colour. A classic contemporary design filled with character and thoughtful touches. Eight styles of accommodation to choose from. Spacious multi-level residences. Villas with private pool. Adjoining rooms, perfect for sharing. Whether romantic retreat or family adventure. A space to call your own

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